What is RecallChek?

RecallChek is a new service that HOMTEC is providing to our customers on home inspections - free of charge!

Here are some statistics on RecallChek:

1. 1 out of 10 homes has a recalled appliance that leads a buyer to a FREE In-Home repair.

2. Recalled appliances are Fire or Safety issues that the manufacture, by law, must fix for FREE.

3. If there is a recall, the report gives the buyer the information directly to the manufacture so they can call and set up a FREE repair once they have closed on the home.

4. Home owners receive a monthly RecallTrak newsletter email for LIFE.

5. Home owners can add/update appliances on their account for FREE at any time.

6. No recalls at the time of inspection but there could be down the road. The home owner will be alerted of any recalls on their major appliances.

7. No extra cost to the home owner.

We also provide for families with younger children, a home inspection that includes a thorough monster inspection and certifying your home, Monster Free.